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                    AND SYSTEMS OF FLOW

                    MEASUREMENT AND CONTROL




We produce our own high-precise gear flow meters SFM – series.


Most modern and reliable materials allow using Stardex flow meters

in very high temperatures with fantastic flow range and accuracy.

We are using SFM flow meters in our devices and, of course sell

them to our friends, partners and respected competitors.

Also we can develop and produce any gear flow meter according to your 

special needs and preferences.

SFM 01

From 0.1 to 3000 ml/min for precise measuring of extra low flows…

7900 imp/l

SFM 02

From 0.5 to 5000 ml/min.

6500 imp/l

Working temperature from -20C to +120C.

Working pressure up to 300bar

Stardex Mega Stream 


We present to you the new Stardex device, with which any diesel

workshop can completely update your diagnostic equipment

and reach a completely new level that meets modern requirements.


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Stardex Leader Measuring Station 

is created to monitor liquid flows measured 

by SFM flow meters in a variety of test/industrial 

fluid supply systems.

From 1 to 26 channels, color touch screen, 

can work independently or with a computer…

Stardex Stream

flow meter for Common Rail injectors and pumps


4 channels for delivery, 

4 channels for back flow,
2 channels for pumps.

Touch screen display. 

Device works with Stardex simulators or in independent mode.

Stardex Stream Mini


1 channel for delivery, 

1 channel for back flow,
2 channels for pumps.

Device works with Stardex simulators or in independent mode.

We produce the flow control and accounting 

systems, one- or multi-channel flow measuring 

devices and software 

for any industrial applications.