Creating and editing a test plan.


It is very important to correctly set the type of injector, currents and voltages.

The wrong choice can damage the injector and the simulator!
It is recommended to change or create new voltage profiles only for experienced users!


Select the injector and click the   Editor CR   button in the main window of the SISU program.

The Test plan editor window for the selected injector opens.

The window is divided into two independent sections: the volt-ampere profile (VAP) editor and the injector test editor.

In the VAP section, the VAP of the first test of the selected injector will open.

The VAP can be assigned to all the injector tests by clicking   Apply to injector   button in the VAP section, or to each test  individually by clicking   Apply VAP   in the injector section, highlighting the desired test with the cursor.
  View VAP   button opens the VAP of the selected test in the VAP section.


In both sections there is a drop-down menu   File  ˅  with the items New, to create a new VAP or test plan, and Delete, to delete them.

  Add   button in the injector section is used to add the test, the   Delete   button is used to delete the selected test.


  Save   button in both sections is used to save the VAP or test plan.


In order for the test plan and the VAP to be saved to disk (in permanent memory), you need to close the SISU program with a cross in the window header or press [Alt]+[F4] on the device keyboard.