The best Stardex accomplishments over the
years are now combined into one fantastic

All in one – Stardex Maximum…

All the modern diesel injection systems
existing in a market today and will appear
tomorrow can be tested by the
Stardex Maximum.
Cables and full software Stardex are included by
As always no fees for updates or prolongation of
the license.
All updates are available on our website for free
for our dear clients.

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Stardex Master Ultima

We recommend you to start the test from the measuring
of electrical characteristics of coil or piezo elements of injectors.
Ultima device automatically measures the resistance and
capacitance of piezo injectors, and the resistance and inductivity
of coil injectors.

Stardex Master Ultima

The measuring of electrical characteristics allows you to test
the condition of the coil or the piezo element:
to detect full or partial inter-turn short circuit of a coil,
to detect the degree of wear and tear of piezo actuator etc…

Stardex Master Ultima

Thousands of test-plans,
a lot of very useful additional information…
applicability on cars, sizes, cross-references,
spare parts, components etc…

Stardex Master Ultima


Stardex Master Ultima

Digital measuring of delivery and back flow…
Stardex devices Master Ultima and Dimas Ultima
measure in single-channel mode…

Stardex Master Ultima

Stardex device Maximum Ultima measures delivery and back flow

in four-channel mode…


Stardex Master Ultima

High-precise graph of signal,
all parameters of voltage-current profile,
any component can be changed by user for
more detailed and deep testing…

Stardex Master Ultima

Measuring of injection delay time
in digital and graphic mode…

Stardex Ultima devices ( MAXIMUM, NOVA, MASTER, SPT) 

test modern Common Rail pumps

from smallest to biggest.

For personal cars, trucks, buses, boats, ships, agricultural and

construction machinery, locomotives etc…

Faster and much more convenient…

QR codes are available now in Stardex reports.

All Stardex original software was and will be free
for our clients.

No fees for updates or prolongation of the license.  
All updates are available on our website for free.